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What we do

Porta mundi offers preparatory courses and coaching for long-term and short-term high school. The lessons are based on the company's own course material, which is constantly adapted to current requirements. The preparation can take place in individual lessons or in a group course. The courses take place in our premises in Erlenbach. The individual lessons are mainly conducted online, but we are flexible in this area as well.

Course offer long term Gymi preparation

Private lessons primary and upper school | Start at any time

• Small group lessons
• Company-owned course material
• Motivating environment, holistic approach
• Effort Homework approx. 2h per week

Course duration & time
By arrangement

Course location
• Remote via Zoom


• Erlenbach (ZH) – Seestrasse 141
• Direct connection to train station
• A minute’s walk from the ‘Winkel am Zürichsee’ train station to the classroom
• Ample parking available

CHF 140* per 60 minutes
* If the course is booked together with a vacation course or the simulation exam, you will receive a flat discount of CHF 200.

Not convinced yet? We are happy to let our customers speak about our services

"Porta Mundi and Franziska have done an excellent job in making learning fun for the kids. Franziska is very professional, patient and thoughtful of each individuals needs. I highly recommend Porta Mundi for tutoring or exam preparation."

K haft pm rating 2023

K. Haft, Herrliberg

"I am very pleased to share the great experience that we are having with Portal Mundi. My son is taking German lessons with Frau Basler since several months. His level of German has increased significantly. He is really engaged and encouraged to learn, having a great connection with Frau Basler who is very clear and patient!"

V belen pm rating 2023

V. Belén, Küsnacht

"My daughter is taking maths online with the PortaMundi Group. The online component works really well and fits in with her busy schedule. The tutor is lovely and the Porta Mundi group were very easy to communicate with in terms of what we were looking for, from classes. My daughters ability and confidence in maths has increased. It has been a very positive experience."

M cronin pm rating 2023

C. Margo, Küsnacht

"My tri-lingual son needed help in German and Franziska has been great. I was a bit sceptical if my son would stay focussed with on-line classes but he has. He even says he loves the class and that they are going well. It's clear when talking to her, that Franziska puts the child first. She is really easy to work with and is open to feedback."

Nanda sandhu 2023 rating porta mundi

N. Sandhu, Zürich

"It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with Franziska. She took her time to explain what I was asking. The extra tution definitely has help my children."

Josephine wood 2023 rating porta mundi

J. Wood, Erlenbach

Course offer short term Gymi preparation

Group course Primary | August 2023 - March 2024

Small group lessons
Company-owned course material
Motivating environment, holistic approach
Effort Homework approx. 2h per week

Course duration & time
23.08.2023 - 27.02.2024 (23 course weeks of 2 hours each)
Wednesdays, 13.00 - 15.00
Wednesdays, 15.15 - 17.15 hrs

26.08.2023 - 02.03.2024 (23 course weeks of 2 hours each)
Saturdays, 09.00 - 11.00 a.m.

Course location
• Erlenbach (ZH) – Seestrasse 141
• Direct connection to train station
• A minute’s walk from the ‘Winkel am Zürichsee’ train station to the classroom
• Ample parking available


Flat rate CHF 2800
* If the course is booked together with a vacation course or the simulation exam, you will receive a flat-rate discount of CHF 200.

Reading sample of our own learning material

We are very proud of our own course books. Have a look at the samples by clicking on the link below.

FAQ - Gymi preparation

  • For many students, the entrance examination represents a turning point in their school career, as the examination is held at a very high level, especially in the canton of Zurich. In order to be able to solve the examination tasks with confidence, solid preparation is necessary.

    The pupils are faced with a great challenge, which is difficult to solve without the necessary support. The experience grades of the primary school or the secondary school have a 50 per cent influence on the examination result and therefore the support must not only be based on possible examination tasks, but must be built up in a targeted manner with a focus on the subject matter. The Gymi preparation offered by porta mundi in individual lessons or in small groups ensures that all the material is covered, that the students deepen their knowledge and that they are optimally prepared for the central entrance examination in the canton of Zurich through an intensive preparation period in the subjects German and mathematics.

  • The scope of the Gymi exams is basically based on the profile of the primary school and or secondary school depending on the entry point. Experience shows that the entrance examinations for the Gymi contain various tasks which can only be partly covered by the basic school education. In primary school, therefore, it is not always possible to satisfactorily deepen all the nuances for, for example, passing a successful examination for long-term grammar school. This is particularly evident in the core areas of German with the requirement to write an essay, mathematics in the area of text problems and geometry. Due to known resource problems, all of these areas cannot be guaranteed through standardised basic preparation - for the completion of a successful Gymi examination - by the respective primary schools of the Canton of Zurich. This is therefore also a topic of discussion at numerous information events. However, so far there is no uniform solution for this shortcoming.

  • We at porta mundi have identified the problem and have therefore built up our range of services specifically to promote these important core areas, among others. This enables us to ensure the targeted development of knowledge in these relevant examination disciplines. Furthermore, this can have a significant positive influence on your child's potential success in exams.

    The preparation for grammar school at porta mundi thus covers all areas of the entrance examination and in connection with this, our teachers are trained and educated for the constantly changing requirements of the Canton of Zurich. Our teachers are more than just private tutors - our staff become your child's personal coach and thus a person of trust, and make an optimal contribution to the targeted development of your child's knowledge within the framework of private tutoring.

    Through the preparatory courses in small groups, the learning progress of the students is ensured.

  • Another area is contact with parents. Learning only leads to success if the framework conditions at home are also right and the child can build on holistic support for the appropriate preparation - for transfer to secondary school or the Gymi.

    Information sessions are available for parents to ensure that the examination is a success. The way to prepare is through a motivating environment that requires close cooperation between teacher, child and parents. Porta mundi provides all relevant information on the exam and covers the entire scope of the material.

  • Our preparation courses take place in small groups and are based on the company's own course material. In addition, all past exams from the last 15 years are solved together and then discussed in detail with our teachers in order to specifically deepen the child's knowledge. Experience has shown that this in turn is an optimal preparation for the upcoming grammar school exams.

    The preparation period is generally from August to March and the courses take place on a weekly basis. In addition, there is homework for two hours per week. The aim here is also to consolidate existing knowledge and to identify possible subject areas which our trained team of teachers can promote by means of suitable exercises.

    Since the essay, geometry and text tasks always lead to numerous difficulties and often the assessments are extremely strict, porta mundi offers specially designed holiday courses to ensure optimal learning progress in this school discipline as well.

    Upon request, our teachers also exchange information with the class teachers to ensure that the experience grades for the examination also correspond to the required level. Because only a holistic preparation leads to success and that is exactly where porta mundi comes in with its wide range of courses!