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Knowledge and education are the gateway to the world and to a successful and fulfilling career – porta mundi supports students in finding their own path.

Porta mundi firmly believes that academic success is based on professional competence, and also on soft skills and holistic approaches. Our focus is therefore not only on pure exam success, but also on learning strategies, problem-solving skills (with minimal tutor input) and the cross-linking of knowledge. Students can apply these skills in their exams and extracurricular challenges. Porta mundi has developed a holistic structure under the three areas of think, study and connect to set its students up for success.


Each learning process begins with a thought-provoking catalyst: this may come in the form of a new experience, a text, or an exam. The students gain insight into a different topic and link this additional information to their existing school and life experience. Porta mundi evaluates the level of knowledge and skills the students already have and then designs a bespoke plan to build on those skills.


The evaluation phase is followed by knowledge acquisition. Here, core competencies are reviewed and consolidated while also focusing on the specific academic requirements. Previous learning is reinforced prior to building on it. This ensures that new skills and knowledge are embedded in a solid foundation and retained in the long term, allowing students to easily retrieve this information in future. Porta mundi provides a strategy which students can use as a guide to not only develop their own learning style but also to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. Where necessary, emphasis is placed on a clear structure, the students are, however, encouraged to think independently and to work on their own initiative.


The coaching sessions not only focus on the first two stages of think and study, but also seek to promote and link cross-curricular learning. In foreign language learning, for example, this is done by linking and comparing grammatical structures. Learning strategies are developed based on an exam or a subject, and are then expanded so they can be applied in other areas too. Students are encouraged to not only work on their weaknesses but also on their strengths and be aware of them. Porta mundi’s objective is to link academic success with extracurricular achievements and to provide students with the necessary tools to launch a successful career.


Porta mundi is convinced that education and equal opportunities form the basis for a fairer world. With this in mind, there are two aspects of life at porta mundi that remain close to our hearts:

Global projects

At the end of every year, porta mundi donates CHF 2.00 to UNICEF education projects for every lesson taught. The illustration below shows how much we have already donated. The amount is updated at the end of each month. We are currently supporting the initiative «kids friendly schools».

In 2021 we were able to raise CHF 5000.– towards Unicef.

Local projects

Not all families have the financial means to pay for a private tutor for their children’s lessons. Porta mundi has a donations account to pay for lessons for less privileged students. These are provided at cost so porta mundi does not make any profit from these lessons. If you would like to find out more, please contact us by phone or email.

Working environment

Only valued and motivated teachers can deliver high-quality lessons. That is why we pay our staff above the standard rate and contribute financially to their continuous professional development.