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  • One-to-one lessons: CHF 140.00* per 60 minutes
  • Group lessons: CHF 90.00* per 60 minutes per person
  • Gymnasium support (max. 5 students):
    • Primary school: flat rate of CHF 2,800.00 for 23 double lessons (maths and German)
    • Secondary school: flat rate of CHF 4,200.00 for 23 triple lessons (maths, German, French and English)

* a flat rate of CHF 10.00 will be charged for home visits

Location of lessons

  • Online lessons via Zoom or Skype
  • Classes in Erlenbach
  • Public college premises

Benefits of working with porta mundi

  • Open from Monday to Saturday
  • No subscriptions and no obligation for a minimum number of lessons
  • Teaching materials and markings/evaluation included (except for course books / textbooks)
  • Monthly telephone call to discuss progress and further lessons
  • Referrals: If you refer us to friends or someone you know, we will thank you by deducting CHF 50.00 from your next invoice
  • Appointments can be booked online