Because education is the most valuable thing in the world

One-to-one coaching

  • One-to-one lessons: CHF 140.- / 60 minutes

Group coaching

  • Group lessons: CHF 90.- / 60 minutes per person

Group courses

Location of lessons

  • Online lessons via Zoom or Skype
  • Classes in Erlenbach
  • Public college premises

Benefits of working with porta mundi

  • Open from Monday to Saturday
  • No subscriptions and no obligation for a minimum number of lessons
  • Teaching materials and markings/evaluation included (except for course books / textbooks)
  • Monthly telephone call to discuss progress and further lessons
  • Referrals: If you refer us to friends or someone you know, we will thank you by deducting CHF 50.00 from your next invoice
  • Appointments can be booked online

Because our customers' voices are the most important thing.

"Porta Mundi and Franziska have done an excellent job in making learning fun for the kids. Franziska is very professional, patient and thoughtful of each individuals needs. I highly recommend Porta Mundi for tutoring or exam preparation."

K haft pm rating 2023

K. Haft, Herrliberg

"My daughter is taking maths online with the PortaMundi Group. The online component works really well and fits in with her busy schedule. The tutor is lovely and the Porta Mundi group were very easy to communicate with in terms of what we were looking for, from classes. My daughters ability and confidence in maths has increased. It has been a very positive experience."

M cronin pm rating 2023

C. Margo, Küsnacht

"I am very happy to share the great experiences we are having with Portal Mundi. My son has been taking German lessons with Mrs Basler for a few months now. His German level has improved significantly. He is really engaged and encouraged to learn. He has a great connection with Mrs Basler, who is very clear and patient!"

V belen pm rating 2023

V. Belén, Küsnacht

"My tri-lingual son needed help in German and Franziska has been great. I was a bit sceptical if my son would stay focussed with on-line classes but he has. He even says he loves the class and that they are going well. It's clear when talking to her, that Franziska puts the child first. She is really easy to work with and is open to feedback."

Nanda sandhu 2023 rating porta mundi

N. Sandhu, Zürich

"It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with Franziska. She took her time to explain what I was asking. The extra tution definitely has help my children."

Josephine wood 2023 rating porta mundi

J. Wood, Erlenbach

"Within a short space of time, Ms Basler organised a suitable teacher for an online course on the subject of "learning strategy". The communication with Mrs Basler was professional and transparent in every single detail. According to our daughter, the teacher was likeable and competent and the course was very well structured. She definitely benefited a lot! <em><strong>From our side, we can highly recommend porta mundi AG</strong></em>"

G sauter porta mundi 5 star rating

G. Sauter, Dübendorf

"Our son has been attending the Gymi preparation course at porta mundi since last summer. He enjoys going to class every time and really appreciates the positive learning atmosphere and working in small groups. The learning material is highly comprehensive and professionally developed. Both the theory and practice sections of the materials are very well structured and enable the children to learn independently. Mrs Basler regularly takes the time to discuss our son's learning situation and individual needs. We would always choose porta mundi again for further courses/lessons."

Sc porta mundi five star rating

S Carruga, Herrliberg

"We are very satisfied and happy. Mrs Basler found the perfect coach for our daughter after an extended phone call. Our daughter enjoys the coaching and the communication between us as parents and the coach is great. Highly recommended."


J. Beckstedde, Uster

"Our son really appreciates the the support he receives from the team of porta mundi to get better marks at his French class. Highly recommended."

M renner pm rating 2023

M. Renner, Herrliberg

"Very competent and friendly tutoring for our daughter at the Gymnasium. She was able to improve her performance in French after just a few tutoring sessions. I can highly recommend the services of porta mundi."

Valentina beer gockhausen pm rating 2023

V. Beer, Gockhausen

"The mock exam was very helpful and thank you very much Mrs Basler for your efforts :)"

Carmen Dobravec Staeffa five star rating porta mundi

T. Sutter, Stäfa

"Very good experience. Everything explained with clarity, my daughter always enjoys the Zoom lesson and looks forward to doing her homework. Highly recommended."

Sandra stehli forch rating five stars pm

A. Hauerter, Forch

"My son (4 Class) and daughter (6 Class) receive tutoring from Porta Mundi. We have experience with other coaching companies and none are on the level of Porta Mundi. The careful assessment by Porta Mundi of each students situation I found to be extremely thoughtful. The one on one's hone in on the children's areas for improvement and the tutors instruct in an engaging and constructive manner. We are delighted with the progress and clear improvements both children have made in Math and German respectively. I can certainly recommend Porta Mundi as the go to for individual tutoring."

Kate ringier pm rating 2023 five star

K. Ringier, Herliberg

"Our son is doing preparation for Kurzzeitgymnasium at Porta Mundi. The materials are very structured and the teacher is very kind and able to explain the topics very well. Also they are very flexible to switch to an online session should physical attendance not work. Overall very satisfied."


I. Tramontana, Küsnacht (ZH)

"Very committed, very good and helpful teaching material and supportive with many flexible options! Our daughter enjoys going to Ms Basler and her confidence in her abilities was strengthened after just a few lessons."

Zuellig naef staefa rating porta mundi 2023

S. Züllig Naef, Stäfa

"Very committed and with heart in the matter. Outstanding - we were accompanied very competently in all areas. Ms Basler is a stroke of luck. It was great from the beginning - everything always worked smoothly and your experience, expertise and didactic skills were outstanding. Thank you very much."

C kuenzler rating pm 2023

C. Künzler, Andelfingen

"Very good, tailor-made preparation for the grammar school exam. My daughter feels very comfortable and is motivated accordingly. Uncomplicated administration and scheduling."

K leu pm rating 2023

K. Leu, Herrliberg

"porta mundi is very professionally run with very competent teachers in their field. They not only focus on the exam but also define strategies around the learning experience. My daughter and I are very happy to know porta mundi and Mrs Basler. First class learning experience."

Lale demiraydin rating porta mundi 2023

D. Demiraydin, Zürich

"The work of Ms Basler and her team is extremely professional. Communication is excellent, the teachers are competent, motivated and committed, and the course material is well thought-out and helpful. We really appreciated the flexibility and individuality of the lessons as well as the friendly and personal working atmosphere. Thank you very much!"

B valera pm rating 2023

K. Schneiter, Erlenbach

"Professional, structured, individual, my son is enthusiastic about both maths and German. Franziska Basler and her staff take their time and respond to individual needs, always keeping the goal in mind. Highly recommended."

C iten pm rating 2023

C. Iten, Zürich

"Super very good exam preparation courses and tutoring courses. Very good teachers &#x1f60d;"

Ch keo rating porta mundi 2023

Ch. Keo, Mönchaltdorf

"Wir arbeiten jetzt seit fast 2 Jahren mit Frau F. Basler zusammen. Sie hat sich in dieser Zeit als sehr kompetent ausgezeichnet, geht intensiv auf die Bedürfnisse des Klienten ein, ist bei Problemen immer ansprechbar und sucht nach konstruktiven Möglichkeiten, diese zu bewältigen. Unsere Tochter hat mit Hilfe von Frau Basler die Prüfung ins Gymnasium bestanden und war auch in der Prüfungsphase für uns da. Wir können sie uneingeschränkt"

S ohle pm rating 2023

S. Ohle, Zürich

"Competent and empathetic support. Ms Basler immediately found access to our daughter and was able to accompany her in a goal-oriented and motivating way. Many thanks for the great commitment."

J leo rating porta mundi 2023

J. Leo, Stäfa

"My son attended the gymnasium preparation for the long-term gymnasium at Portamundi. Everything is very well organised, very structured and self-explanatory. He always enjoyed attending the lessons and completed all his homework independently. Mrs Basler and her team are very professional, they can explain things well and motivate and inspire the kids. I can highly recommend Portamundi as best possible gymnasium preparation method. "

Jela koenigsegg 2023 rating porta mundi

Jela Königsegg, Herrliberg

"My daughter has been tutored in maths for a short time. She is very satisfied with the teacher, he is great at explaining things. Ms Basler offers a top service. She is extremely professional, understands the problem and offers a solution immediately. You get an answer immediately and even short-term tutoring sessions are organised straight away! I can highly recommend her!"

Jela koenigsegg 2023 rating porta mundi

Jela Königsegg, Herrliberg

"Mrs Basler and her competent team of teachers can be absolutely recommended. Mrs Basler always had time for us and with her targeted, realistic and professional Gymi preparation she put the finishing touches to our son &#x1f600; Thank you very much for this!"

Anne franz 2023

Anne Franz, Egg

"My daughter has made enormous progress in school thanks to Franziska Basler and has also passed the important exams. We are very grateful to her and can highly recommend her. Very professional."

Brigitte hoehner

Höhner Yvette, Erlenbach