Learning and exam strategies

Because organized work leads to success

Students often have a very good command of a subject but struggle to retrieve that knowledge during an exam. Another difficulty, especially when transferring from primary to secondary school or the Gymnasium, is how to properly group and process information and content. porta mundi teaches its students learning and exam strategies to help not only in school or with a specific subject, but also with other areas of their lives. We believe that you don’t just learn for school, but for life. As the network of information grows and becomes more challenging, excellent planning and organisational skills are of great importance across all areas of life.

What our clients say about our learning and exam strategies

"The mock exam was very helpful and thank you very much Mrs Basler for your efforts :)"


T. Sutter, Stäfa

"porta mundi is very professionally run with very competent teachers in their field. They not only focus on the exam but also define strategies around the learning experience. My daughter and I are very happy to know porta mundi and Mrs Basler. First class learning experience."

demiraydin rating porta mundi 2023 5 stars

D. Demiraydin, Zürich

"Porta Mundi and Franziska have done an excellent job in making learning fun for the kids. Franziska is very professional, patient and thoughtful of each individuals needs. I highly recommend Porta Mundi for tutoring or exam preparation."


K. Haft, Herrliberg

"The work of Ms Basler and her team is extremely professional. Communication is excellent, the teachers are competent, motivated and committed, and the course material is well thought-out and helpful. We really appreciated the flexibility and individuality of the lessons as well as the friendly and personal working atmosphere. Thank you very much!"


K. Schneiter, Erlenbach

"We have been working with Mrs F. Basler for almost 2 years now. During this time, she has proved to be very competent, responds intensively to the client's needs, is always available to deal with problems and looks for constructive ways of overcoming them. Our daughter passed her grammar school exams with Mrs Basler's help and she was also there for us during the exam phase. We can recommend her unreservedly"


S. Ohle, Zürich

"We are very satisfied and happy. Mrs Basler found the perfect coach for our daughter after an extended phone call. Our daughter enjoys the coaching and the communication between us as parents and the coach is great. Highly recommended."


J. Beckstedde, Uster

"Our son really appreciates the the support he receives from the team of porta mundi to get better marks at his French class. Highly recommended."


M. Renner, Herrliberg

"My son (4 Class) and daughter (6 Class) receive tutoring from Porta Mundi. We have experience with other coaching companies and none are on the level of Porta Mundi. The careful assessment by Porta Mundi of each students situation I found to be extremely thoughtful. The one on one's hone in on the children's areas for improvement and the tutors instruct in an engaging and constructive manner. We are delighted with the progress and clear improvements both children have made in Math and German respectively. I can certainly recommend Porta Mundi as the go to for individual tutoring."


K. Ringier, Herliberg

"Our son is doing preparation for Kurzzeitgymnasium at Porta Mundi. The materials are very structured and the teacher is very kind and able to explain the topics very well. Also they are very flexible to switch to an online session should physical attendance not work. Overall very satisfied."


I. Tramontana, Küsnacht (ZH)