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Because Languages build the gateway to the world

German is a big part in every students’ life, not only in the sense of it being a subject, but also in that it affects other areas – for example this could be in written maths problems or writing essays in history. It is really important that the student’s language skills are not just fit for daily use, but also that their spelling, writing, reading, grammar and communication skills are well developed. porta mundi pursues a holistic approach in which all these skills are linked. The structures of the language are also taught so that students can compare them with foreign languages and gain an overall picture.

porta mundi also specialises in teaching German as a second language and offers comprehensive support for this option.

Our tuition courses for German focus on the following three core areas for the specific support of your child

Tutoring courses German "Essay training"
Tutoring courses with dyslexia

Tutoring courses DaZ (German as a second language)

"Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod." Whit porta mundi you never fail to identify the correct case

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"My tri-lingual son needed help in German and Franziska has been great. I was a bit sceptical if my son would stay focussed with on-line classes but he has. He even says he loves the class and that they are going well. It's clear when talking to her, that Franziska puts the child first. She is really easy to work with and is open to feedback."


N. Sandhu, Zürich

"My son (4 Class) and daughter (6 Class) receive tutoring from Porta Mundi. We have experience with other coaching companies and none are on the level of Porta Mundi. The careful assessment by Porta Mundi of each students situation I found to be extremely thoughtful. The one on one's hone in on the children's areas for improvement and the tutors instruct in an engaging and constructive manner. We are delighted with the progress and clear improvements both children have made in Math and German respectively. I can certainly recommend Porta Mundi as the go to for individual tutoring."


K. Ringier, Herliberg

"Our son is doing preparation for Kurzzeitgymnasium at Porta Mundi. The materials are very structured and the teacher is very kind and able to explain the topics very well. Also they are very flexible to switch to an online session should physical attendance not work. Overall very satisfied."


I. Tramontana, Küsnacht (ZH)

"Professional, structured, individual, my son is enthusiastic about both maths and German. Franziska Basler and her staff take their time and respond to individual needs, always keeping the goal in mind. Highly recommended."


C. Iten, Zürich

"My daughter is taking maths online with the PortaMundi Group. The online component works really well and fits in with her busy schedule. The tutor is lovely and the Porta Mundi group were very easy to communicate with in terms of what we were looking for, from classes. My daughters ability and confidence in maths has increased. It has been a very positive experience."

M cronin pm rating 2023

C. Margo, Küsnacht

"My daughter has been tutored in maths for a short time. She is very satisfied with the teacher, he is great at explaining things. Ms Basler offers a top service. She is extremely professional, understands the problem and offers a solution immediately. You get an answer immediately and even short-term tutoring sessions are organised straight away! I can highly recommend her!"


Jela Königsegg, Herrliberg

"porta mundi is very professionally run with very competent teachers in their field. They not only focus on the exam but also define strategies around the learning experience. My daughter and I are very happy to know porta mundi and Mrs Basler. First class learning experience."

demiraydin rating porta mundi 2023 5 stars

D. Demiraydin, Zürich