Tuition mathematics & mental arithmetic

Building the foundation to success

A solid grasp of maths is essential for students in their future careers. Here, the aim is to consolidate the skills required in academia while also laying the foundations for related subjects such as physics or chemistry. Students often enjoy maths at the beginning, but then either lose faith in their skills over the years, or more and more gaps accumulate, which puts them at a great disadvantage for future lessons. porta mundi focuses on the consolidation and understanding of the core competencies to help students in their current academic topics. A great deal of attention is paid to mathematical reasoning skills, as these often cause difficulties from a linguistic point of view. We also teach strategies for the right approach. This means that tasks are not viewed as individual problem areas. Instead the assignments are dealt with across topics so that students can develop a comprehensive understanding of mathematics.

How to solve confusing and complicated text based tasks

Tim has received 145 francs from his mother and has to buy 10 melons, 13 Emmental cheese and 5 kilos of olives with it. How much return money does he receive if the exchange rate has risen by 12% and a 5% discount is taken into account because of the pre-Christmas period? With porta mundi, even the most complicated text problems are easy to understand.

Kopfrechnen - gezielt geübt

Calculation skills are extremely important – not just in school but in many other areas of life too. Often this is practiced briefly in primary school, but then not sufficiently revisited. This causes students to lose speed and confidence. It also makes the rest f the maths lessons more difficult and means students are even more likely to use a calculator, even for routine sums. porta mundi wishes to counteract this trend and therefore regularly incorporates mental arithmetic into its coaching sessions. The knowledge gained in this way not only has a positive effect on mathematical matters,
but also on the students’ self-confidence.

Dyscalculia - to understand & to treat

In addition to the normal tuition and support activities in the field of mathematics, porta mundi also offers another very essential service in the field of dyscalculia. The subject of dyscalculia as a difficulty is very hard to understand, but if it is thought to be present, it is important to analyze the symptoms carefully. At porta mundi, we take this need seriously. Our specialists in the field of dyscalculia are Peter Lee and Andreas Kegel. With many years of experience, both of them can assist in the identification of a possible dyscalculia as well as in the development of therapeutic approaches. You can find more information on our dedicated page about dyscalculia.

Faster than your pocket calculator - We show you how!

"4+4x3 = 24 OR 4+4x3 = 16?" With porta mundi you can compete with any pocket calculator!

Quality & Satisfied Customers

"My son (4 Class) and daughter (6 Class) receive tutoring from Porta Mundi. We have experience with other coaching companies and none are on the level of Porta Mundi. The careful assessment by Porta Mundi of each students situation I found to be extremely thoughtful. The one on one's hone in on the children's areas for improvement and the tutors instruct in an engaging and constructive manner. We are delighted with the progress and clear improvements both children have made in Math and German respectively. I can certainly recommend Porta Mundi as the go to for individual tutoring."


K. Ringier, Herliberg

"My daughter is taking maths online with the PortaMundi Group. The online component works really well and fits in with her busy schedule. The tutor is lovely and the Porta Mundi group were very easy to communicate with in terms of what we were looking for, from classes. My daughters ability and confidence in maths has increased. It has been a very positive experience."

M cronin pm rating 2023

C. Margo, Küsnacht

"Professional, structured, individual, my son is enthusiastic about both maths and German. Franziska Basler and her staff take their time and respond to individual needs, always keeping the goal in mind. Highly recommended."


C. Iten, Zürich

"My daughter has been tutored in maths for a short time. She is very satisfied with the teacher, he is great at explaining things. Ms Basler offers a top service. She is extremely professional, understands the problem and offers a solution immediately. You get an answer immediately and even short-term tutoring sessions are organised straight away! I can highly recommend her!"


Jela Königsegg, Herrliberg