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Primary school gymi preparation (Wednesday S2)

Group course online/offline, the flexible gym preparation

CHF 2,800.-

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Our group courses for primary school pupils, which can be attended both online and on site in Erlenbach ZH, are the perfect preparation for the upcoming entrance exam for the LZG.

Immerse yourself in our inspiring group courses for primary school pupils! With personalised support, motivating lessons and specially developed course material, we offer effective preparation for the Gymi exam. Secure your place now and give your child the decisive head start for a successful academic future!

Do you want to make sure your child is best prepared for the Gymi exam? Our group courses offer a unique learning environment with individualised attention and tailored support to ensure that every child can reach their full potential.

We use proven teaching methods and specially developed materials to maximise learning success and give your child a decisive head start.

Course Details:
Course duration & time:

  • 22 course weeks of 2 hours each
  • 21.08.2024 - 26.02.202
  • Wednesdays, 15:15 - 17:15

Course location:
Remote via Zoom or Erlenbach ZH - Seestrasse 141

Zoom: Participate from the comfort of your own home


Erlenbach ZH: Direct train station connection, only 1 minute walk from Winkel station on Lake Zurich, well-developed parking facilities

All-inclusive CHF 2'800.-

Book the course together with a holiday course or the simulation exam and receive a discount of CHF 200.

Only the best for your child

  • Individualised support: Each child is supported according to their needs
  • Customised learning support: We adapt the lessons to individual learning styles
  • Proven teaching methods: We use effective teaching strategies to maximise learning success
  • Successes that speak for themselves: our success rate is 85%

Our offer is limited to 10 participants
Register now for our group courses! Choose your preferred course location and secure your place for individual and effective grammar school preparation.

Special offer: discount when booking with holiday course or simulation exam

Contact information
If you have any questions or queries, our team will be happy to help.

  • Phone: +41795065707
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