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Advanced course 4th grade primary school (Module1)

Intensive support in maths and German

CHF 2,000.-

Group learning kids 4 primar porta mundi

Our advanced course for the 4th primary class offers the ideal preparation for the upcoming challenges of the 5th primary class.

Through targeted support in maths and German, knowledge transfer is intensively strengthened to facilitate the transition to the next grade level and thus pave the way for a transfer to the upper school or to the Gymi in the long term.

It is worthwhile to specifically promote the development of knowledge in primary year 4 in order to make the transition to year 5 easier. In Year 5, the demands in maths and German increase significantly, which for many pupils is the first major hurdle on the way to grammar school or the upper school.

The early bird strategy or why good preparation is essential for your child

The specialisation course for year 4 primary school lays the foundation for your child's success in year 5 and beyond.

In Year 5, maths and German become more demanding and often represent the first major challenge on the way to grammar school. Early and targeted support in these core subjects is therefore crucial to give your child the best possible start.

In maths, text problems are increasingly on the curriculum. These tasks give many children sleepless nights, as they often have difficulty understanding the questions and finding the right solutions. These challenges can be successfully mastered through early and targeted practice.

The demands are also increasing in the essential school subject of German. The level of essay writing in particular is rising sharply. As a result, there are many stumbling blocks that often lead to insecurity. Through preventative support and targeted training of these skills, your child can make the transition from 4th to 5th grade with ease and without any problems.

Early promotion of the fundamental elements in maths and German is therefore crucial. Strengthening these foundations will not only prepare your child for Year 5, but also for the more advanced challenges in the following school years and ultimately for the longed-for Gymi exam or transfer to secondary school. A strong start in Year 5 lays the foundation for your child's later academic success.

Course duration & time:
Module 1: 21 weeks of 1.5 hours each

  • 22.08.2024 - 06.02.2025
  • Thursdays, 16:00 - 17:30

Please note:
*There are no lessons during the school holidays.
*If required, we offer coaching sessions in our holiday courses. Learn more

All-inclusive CHF 2,000

Discount option:
Book module 1 and module 2 of the in-depth course for 4th grade primary school together and pay only CHF 3,500 instead of CHF 3,700 - a saving of CHF 200.

Advanced course
4th grade school material, focus on relevant modules in German and maths

  • Small group lessons: Individualised support in small groups.
  • Motivating environment: A holistic approach encourages interest in learning and motivation.
  • Homework: Approximately 30 minutes per week.

Course location:
At the porta mundi learning centre in Erlenbach ZH

  • Direct connection to the railway station
  • 1 minute walk from Winkel railway station on Lake Zurich
  • Well-equipped car park available

Our advantages at a glance:

Early support: Strengthening the foundations in maths and German to facilitate the transition to Year 5.

Experienced teachers: Competent support from qualified teachers.

Motivating environment: Encouraging the joy of learning through positive learning experiences.

We are there for your child: Personalised support and direct contact with the teachers.

Our programme ensures that your child is optimally prepared for the upcoming challenges in Year 5. Use this opportunity to give your child a valuable learning and examination experience.

Quality before quantity

In order to meet our high quality standards, only a maximum of 10 students (2 groups of 5 students each) are admitted to this course.

Prepare your child optimally for the sixth grade and give them a strategic head start for the transfer to secondary school or one of the coveted places at a ZH Gymnasium.

Secure a place for your child in the 4th grade primary specialisation course now!

Contact information:

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

  • Phone: +41 79 506 57 07
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