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Intensive course 4th grade

Because an early start makes the difference

Why careful preparation is essential for your child

The fourth grade is a crucial year for pupils, as it lays the foundation for a successful transition to the fifth grade. In Year 5, the demands in maths and German increase significantly. Experience has shown that many pupils struggle with their first major hurdle on the way to grammar school.

Through early and targeted support in the fourth grade, we ensure that your child is well prepared for the challenges ahead. Text tasks in maths and writing essays in German are common stumbling blocks that can be overcome with targeted training and preventative support.

Our courses aim to develop and strengthen the fundamental elements of these subjects at an early stage. With our specialisation course for Year 4 Primary, your child can master the transition phase with ease and without any problems.

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August 2024 - July 2025

Our course consists of two modules that build on each other, but can also be booked as individual semester-supporting modules. For the best possible success, we recommend booking both modules at the combined price of CHF 3'500.

Module 1

Course duration & time

  • 21 weeks of 1.5 hours each
  • 22 August 2024 - 6 February 2025
  • Thursdays, 16:00 - 17:30

Costs: Flat rate CHF 2'000

Module 2

Course duration & time

  • 18 weeks of 1.5 hours each
  • 27 February 2025 - 10 July 2025
  • Thursdays, 16:00 - 17:30

Costs: All-inclusive CHF 1'700

Discount option: Book Module 1 and Module 2 of the specialisation course for 4th grade primary school together and pay only CHF 3,500 instead of CHF 3,700 - a saving of CHF 200. This investment is worthwhile, as early and targeted support in maths and German lays the foundation for academic success and later transfer to secondary school.

Details of our courses
Our specialisation course for primary year 4 covers a wide range of topics that are specially designed to prepare students for the requirements of year 5.

Fundamentals of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Introduction to text problems and their solution strategies Geometry basics: shapes, areas and volumesFirst concepts of algebra

Reading skills: promoting reading comprehension and analysing texts
Grammar and spelling: consolidating the basics
Essay training: Structured and creative writing exercises
Language comprehension: expanding vocabulary and expressiveness


  • Small group lessons
  • Motivating environment, holistic approach
  • Homework approx. 30 minutes per week

Course location
On-site learning centre in Erlenbach next to the Lake of Zurich

  • Direct connection to the railway station
  • 1 minute walk from Winkel train station on Lake Zurich
  • Well-equipped car park

Not convinced yet? We are happy to let our customers speak about our services

"Porta Mundi and Franziska have done an excellent job in making learning fun for the kids. Franziska is very professional, patient and thoughtful of each individuals needs. I highly recommend Porta Mundi for tutoring or exam preparation."


K. Haft, Herrliberg

"I am very happy to share the great experiences we are having with Portal Mundi. My son has been taking German lessons with Mrs Basler for a few months now. His German level has improved significantly. He is really engaged and encouraged to learn. He has a great connection with Mrs Basler, who is very clear and patient!"


V. Belén, Küsnacht

"My daughter is taking maths online with the PortaMundi Group. The online component works really well and fits in with her busy schedule. The tutor is lovely and the Porta Mundi group were very easy to communicate with in terms of what we were looking for, from classes. My daughters ability and confidence in maths has increased. It has been a very positive experience."

M cronin pm rating 2023

C. Margo, Küsnacht

"My tri-lingual son needed help in German and Franziska has been great. I was a bit sceptical if my son would stay focussed with on-line classes but he has. He even says he loves the class and that they are going well. It's clear when talking to her, that Franziska puts the child first. She is really easy to work with and is open to feedback."


N. Sandhu, Zürich

"It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with Franziska. She took her time to explain what I was asking. The extra tution definitely has help my children."


J. Wood, Erlenbach

"Our son is doing preparation for Kurzzeitgymnasium at Porta Mundi. The materials are very structured and the teacher is very kind and able to explain the topics very well. Also they are very flexible to switch to an online session should physical attendance not work. Overall very satisfied."


I. Tramontana, Küsnacht (ZH)

Reading sample of our own learning material

We are very proud of our own course books. Have a look at the samples by clicking on the link below.