Übungskurse Sportferien 2023/2024

Weil Lernen Türen öffnet

Kurs 1 | Intensivwoche Gymiprüfung - Mathe & Deutsch Primar (Erlenbach) | 12 .02. – 16.02.2024 und 19.02. – 23.02.2024

Der Kurs richtet sich an alle Schüler:innen, welche in beiden Fächern nochmals die wichtigsten Themen, Stolpersteine und Ausnahmen repetieren möchten.

09.00 – 11.00 Uhr (60 Minuten pro Fach)

Erlenbach ZH - Seestrasse 141
Direkte Bahnhofsanbindung
Nur 1 Minute Gehweg vom Bahnhof Winkel am Zürichsee zum Kursort
Gut erschlossene Parkmöglichkeiten

Pauschal CHF 650 / Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 5

Das sagen unsere Kund:innen über porta mundi

"Porta Mundi and Franziska have done an excellent job in making learning fun for the kids. Franziska is very professional, patient and thoughtful of each individual's needs. I highly recommend Porta Mundi for tutoring or exam preparation."

K haft pm rating 2023

K. Haft, Herrliberg

"I am very pleased to share the great experience that we are having with Portal Mundi. My son is taking German lessons with Frau Basler since several months. His level of German has increased significantly. He is really engaged and encouraged to learn, having a great connection with Frau Basler who is very clear and patient!"

V belen pm rating 2023

B. Varela, Küsnacht

"My daughter is taking maths online with the PortaMundi Group. The online component works really well and fits in with her busy schedule. The tutor is lovely and the Porta Mundi group were very easy to communicate with in terms of what we were looking for, from classes. My daughters ability and confidence in maths has increased. It has been a very positive experience."

M cronin pm rating 2023

V. Bosshard, Küsnacht

"My tri-lingual son needed help in German and Franziska has been great. I was a bit sceptical if my son would stay focussed with on-line classes but he has. He even says he loves the class and that they are going well. It's clear when talking to her, that Franziska puts the child first. She is really easy to work with and is open to feedback."

Nanda sandhu 2023 rating porta mundi

N. Sandhu, Zürich

"It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with Franziska. She took her time to explain what I was asking. The extra tution definitely has help my children."

Josephine wood 2023 rating porta mundi

J. Wood, Erlenbach